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The Imp Haven
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Sunday, March 2nd, 2008
11:39 pm
pokemon hats i'm responsible for designing
pikachu and jigglypuff, meowth, evee, perhaps pichu, pikathulhu, squirtle, mewtwo, bulbasaur, clefairy, chansey, ditto
Monday, January 28th, 2008
6:03 pm
Tony: "Dana is chaotic neutral leaning toward neutral"
Scott: "Dana is chaotic neutral leaning toward shiny"
Wednesday, January 16th, 2008
11:08 am
I couldn't resist....
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Friday, January 11th, 2008
5:13 pm
i think i'm ready to go back to school/not as emo.

thanks to my friends and family who have put up with me for the past month! you guys have been great and very supportive despite what i say.

carly, are you signing up for a table or do you want me to? 'cause it's at 8. call me about that.
Friday, December 7th, 2007
2:09 am
I am hot

You are an Elf!

Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo
Monday, September 24th, 2007
3:58 pm
i got a wii.

his name is brian.

boy, am i sad....
Saturday, August 4th, 2007
11:14 pm
oh goodness...
i'm gonna try this quiz again 'cause i can't be THIS evil...but i thought this was mildly humorous.

anyways, the quiz wouldn't copy correctly, but it was jeanne's harry potter charrie quiz and i came up as umbridge.

funny, eh?
Monday, July 16th, 2007
9:47 pm
<table bgcolor="#ffffff" border="0" cellspacing="8"> <tr><td valign="middle"><img src="http://www.masquerademaskarts.com/memes/hogwarts-mini.gif"></td><td valign="middle"> <font color=black> My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:</font> <br> <font size=4 color=black> Harry gets addicted to crack in the library, with the revolver </font><br> <small> <a href="http://www.masquerademaskarts.com/memes/harrypotterspoiler.php">Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom</a> </small> </td></tr> </table>
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
4:44 pm
holy crap, i just laughed my a$$ off.  alright, for those of you not afraid of my geekiness (namely, this was me surfing the cosplay forums) go here and look around briefly.  it won't take you long to see what i thought was so amazing.


edit: look at the avatars...
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
7:06 pm
so, i walked into a guard chair last week.

yeah, the bump's gone down but i still have a bit of a scab where i lost a layer of skin.  nothing major, just enough to keep me humble.

went to see ocean's 13 yesterday.  it was hillarious (partially 'cause my cousins and i know the characters and their quirks inside and out so we found subtle humor in everything...expecially the sidestory in mexico) but something about the story pissed me off.  anyways, well spent 8 bucks in my opinion.

i'm reading janet evanovich's stephanie plum books.  they're hillarious.  partially 'cause she's a 30 year old obnoxious girl from nj who's a bounty hunter.  mostly 'cause of that.  also because of joe morello.  jeanne, you'd like it, no vampires, but still your kind of book.

oh, and my trial's over, tony.  i'm not sure i got enough time to insult my enemies by raising their own dead to use against them.  long live necromancers.  mwa ha ha!
Monday, May 28th, 2007
12:57 am
just finished dune.  wow, that was good.

and i'll follow adrienne's advice and read through the fourth book.

-sir robin

p.s. nerd points for me

p.p.s. still have your calculator, jeanne
Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
2:15 pm
-Go to Google.com
--Click on Maps.
--Click on "get Directions".
--From New York
--To Oslo

--And read line # 23.

Yeah, I stole that directly from erudaughter.  But do it, really, it's friggin sweet.

Current Mood: lmao
Thursday, March 29th, 2007
11:32 am
so...i just made a set of wings for anime boston. well, they're not done yet, but they look amazing so far. so amazing that i've already been commissioned to make another two sets for jeff and jeanne. you guys only have to pay me for materials, which will be about ten bucks, and if you could sew my obi, jeanne, that'd be awesome!

so i'll post pictures soon. you know, when i'm done and i actually get the pictures off my camera that have been there since, i don't know, valentines? i'm so bad....

-sir robin
Wednesday, March 21st, 2007
9:19 pm
woot! i got the black rose saga! now i can subject people to revolutionary girl utena! but first, i'm going off to draw.

-sir robin
Sunday, March 4th, 2007
11:58 pm
so, i just watched the departed (one and a half more times, my mom came in part way through and we felt we had to start over). then i tried reading "wyrd sisters", a book tony lent me, but my mind was narrating the words in jack nicholson's voice with the dropkick murphey's playing in the background. so i felt it was kinda ruining the mood of the story and stopped for tonight. don't worry, i'll get back to it, tony.

-sir robin
Thursday, March 1st, 2007
1:41 pm
Um. Wow...

As Prince Caspian you are a noble, goodhearted but mischievous scallywag! Fun loving, you are admired for your easy going nature.

Narnia Personality Quiz

Yeah, that's pretty accurate.

Hee hee, anyways, the campaign last night was really fun. For me, anyways. The group still hasn't slept and it's verging on a day and a half of non-stop stuff. They DID, however, find some pretty weapons, better transport, and several bombs. No one died but they came close.

And Jack wised up. He woke up after getting saved from almost certain painful death. He doesn't know how it happenned but I'm willing to bet someone there does. Anyways, we woke up, pretty much ran into the woman who rescued him. She gave him some food and stuff but partway through he discovered that the water was drugged. No, he doesn't know what it was. Anyways, he decided (wisely) not to attack her and instead just sat down for a (quick) word. She warned him to get out fast (but didn't tell him much else) so he did. He then (foolishly) decided to go buy some alcohol and get himself drunk off his ass. Does Jack TRY to make this easy for me to mess with his character? Seriously...

-Sir Robin
Sunday, February 25th, 2007
10:38 pm
Tony survived my brother. Clearly John's not trying as hard as he can.
whew...i need sleep....

sooo, jeanne and matt had a joint party on friday and it was awesome. i got lots of good pictures, but i'm a little too tired to post them now. i'm actually going to go to bed pretty much right after this.

but it was awesome. we finished matt's star trek one shot and played murder at house on the hill (i was the traitor. i lost. that barely ever happens. sigh...). and we wrote up ninja burger charries and went back to jeanne's place where we started watching labrynth, then the dark crystal, and went to bed around five or six. my contact was DEFINITELY acting up, probably due to the colored hair spray that i got in my eye. i'm lucky it's not infected right now. anyways, the next day we got together and gamed again until five. so this morning i woke up at 11 to go to my mom's annual valentine's party. i've gotten about 11 hours of sleep this weekend, so i'm tired, but that's okay. anyways, the party was fun. good food and john got to interrogate tony. it was quality. then raced back to bc to run my campaign.

it went pretty well, but i have a habit of adding not too subtle fantasy conventions to make it a little humorous. which IS necessary considering what i'm going to do to my poor charries. for example, carly's charrie came very close to dying. tony pointed out that using a d12 for damage was a little much. that's only if you fail your save by a lot. at least ten. and that's unlikely.

anyways, siena (carly, played by skippy today), maya (sama), danny (jeff), and torin (tony) had decided to go bail adanna (jeanne) and ranvier (sasha, actually showed up, yay! the name was formerly roy, then paco. it's not changing anymore! it's my campaign, i get a say in what the charrie's name's are! gah!) out of trouble because siena witnessed in a vision the two of them getting shot with tranq darts. anyways, they make it to the terrorist base after killing off many many many attackers. for the record, there's very few left. anyways, adanna and ranvier managed to escape from the cell they were in after adanna's friend darien warned her not to try to escape. on the way out, however, the two of them had to fend off attackers and suddenly realized that darien was among them. yes, he betrayed her. since adanna had started to like him, this completely crushed her spirits. so, she's currently going into shock, most of the charries have less than ten hp (several are less than five), everyone's endurance is shot, and i'm not done yet. i stopped there for the day but i'll finish the encounter next time when i'll finally let people sleep and regain their hp and endurance. i'll also reward people with more hp and a bonus to some ability for surviving this much.

jeanne's going to kill me 'cause i'm going to seriously mess with her charrie next time.

anyways, i'm exhausted now so i'm going to go to bed.

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
2:32 pm
aww...the ice is melting
it was so much fun to slide on, you have no idea. okay, so jeanne has an idea 'cause she was doing it with me...and sama and tony were watching us...and i definitely dragged tony into some milder forms of skiing and snowboarding without the equipment. but it's going away and i doubt we'll get conditions like that again for a few years...sigh....

anyways, i got back my chemistry test, you know, the thing i was FREAKING out about last week and this week. and i totally beat the class average. it was a 57, i got an 87. i am so insanely pleased with my hyperactive studying last week. now i gotta do well on the quiz this week. hmm...

anyways, i really wanna run my campaign again this weekend 'cause even though it's a little cheesy so far (i blame that on tian massacring my beloved charries and little notice to rewrite plot directions during the first two episodes) i have some really good ideas. most of them revolve around npc's steadily getting more and more awesome. just don't pick a fight with them, guys.

oh, and i gave up swearing for lent in light of the fact that i've been doing it a lot lately. probably due to either stress or me being competitive...or stress. anyways, if anyone catches me swearing, feel free to give me a deadarm (either a single killer punch or repetitive punches to the shoulder that makes you lose feeling in that arm...for those of you who don't have older brothers).

oh, and you can also punch me if you find i'm not editing my nanonovel. afterall, tony only got a livejournal so he could read my posts. and i haven't been editing. so i haven't been posting. i'll get to that....

-sir robin
Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
11:50 am

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Sunday, February 11th, 2007
3:18 pm
I'm not quite dead yet!
Yeah, so I did the 24 Hour Theatre Experiment yesterday (and the day before. 7 pm Friday to 7 pm Saturday).

It was friggin awesome, I'll post our script sometime. Anyways, the CCE had a large enough group to have two teams so we made up two out of five of the acts. A friggin' 40%!

And it was so much fun. And I played a hag with a mop for a wig and I based my voice off the Knights Who Say "NI!".

-Marie the Ninja
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